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Love Kills Pride

Love Kills Pride is an anti-LGBT movement.

It uses Bible scripture and a double meaning in the word "pride" to advocate discrimination against and a reduction of legal rights for members of the LGBTQI demographics.

Supporters of the Love Kills Pride movement have caused property damages in Geneva, IL (1, 2) in 2017, and those actions were defended by one Aaron Viland as an opposition to "Got Love?" signs.

"This is therefore a very serious problem for all of us, both myself and homosexuals, and every one of us in this room are infected with deadly pride, which deserves the wrath of God," Viland was quoted as saying by the Kane Country Chronicle.

"Pride" is often used in place of the more definitive "Gay Pride" to convey assertion in the movements for those with non-heterophilic (non-straight) orientations. The "Gay" of "Gay Pride" is often left unsaid, largely due to it specifying only one orientation where several may apply, including bisexual, asexual, and transexual.

Pride is also a term for "disdainful behavior or treatment, insolence or arrogance of demeanor" (Wiktionary).

The Love Kills Pride movement maintains a website at and a Facebook community page (3). The domain was registered by Domains by Proxy, LLC and was initially registered on 9 September 2017 for a one year term (4).